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  • Withstands temperature up-to 500 F
  • Makes any size or shape gasket
  • Easy to disassemble

Silicon MAG Black 85g

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Silicon TESON Black 35g

Key Features
  • Resist cracking or shrinking.
  • Withholds up to 500 F of temperature
  • Molds to any shape desired

Retail Price: 

Silicon TESON Black 85g

Key Features
  • Withstands high tempratures
  • Forms any size or shape of gasket
  • Ideal for valve covers,oil pans,water pumps

Retail Price: 

Silicon TESON Clear 35g

Key Features
  • Dries securely as gasket.
  • Works on all vehicles
  • Withstands temperature up to 500 F

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Silicon TESON Grey 35g

Key Features
  • Gasket Maker
  • 100% silicon rubber high temperature
  • Ideaol for timing covers,valve covers,oil pans ,water pumps

Retail Price: 

Silicon TESON Grey 85g

Key Features
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Guaranteed to gasket any size or shape
  • Used for thermstat housing, valve covers,intake manifold end

Retail Price: